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Reading (for Review) – Terminator Vault Book

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You can read an interview James Cameron Online did with author Ian Nathan here –


My Interview with American Pie star Thomas Ian Nicholas about Delivering the Goods!

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I saw American Reunion a few months ago and felt compelled to buy it I just loved it that much I had to add it to my Blu-ray collection. That and American Wedding were my two favorite sequels outside of the original no knock on American Pie 2 I just felt the latter two movies had stand-out stories. How was it having the entire gang from the original film back in American Reunion? I happen to love the film but it felt like the perfect wrap-up to the series tying up all loose ends it seems. Is the series done or is it possible for more American Pie sequels in the future?

Getting back together with the whole cast was like a reunion in real life. I wasn’t sure what it would be like because I felt so much older and mature. I was married with a kid on the way but as soon we were all in the same room it was like being in high school all over again. in fact it was more like junior high cause all us dudes were joking around, hitting each other in the nuts and laughing our asses off. I don’t know if there’ll be another one but hey, I never thought we’d do Reunion… so anything is possible.
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I wanted to ask for a moment what led to your role in Halloween Resurrection? What was it like being in a Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween film? Most of your movies are comedies and feel-good roles. As a huge Halloween fan I just had to ask what led Thomas Ian Nicholas to be in a Halloween film and do the Halloween fans approach you about it as we Halloween fans tend to be crazy about actors in the series. Are you a fan of the series and did you like being in a Halloween film?


Around the time of making American Pie 2 was a busy time for me. I remember filming Stealing Sinatra, Halloween Resurrection and Rules of Attraction all in the same year. I thought that it would be cool that my first horror movie was part of the Halloween legacy. I also got the chance to choose between a couple of characters. I could either die 3rd in the film or 3rd to last. I’ve seen so many horror movies and knowing all the pitfalls I thought it would be so cool to be a semi-recognizable face but die much earlier than the audience expected. My own little inside joke.

Scream: The Inside Story on Bio Channel!

I just had the pleasure of watching one of, if not the best behind-the-scenes documentaries on one of my favorite movie franchises. Scream: The Inside Story premiered tonight (April 6th, 2011) at 8PM EST. Being the super-Scream fan that I am I had to watch. It would be almost sacrilegious for me to not watch this, but would it be good? Really what could they tell me about Scream that I did not already hear, see in DVD/Blu-ray extras and reading online from various sites? Well, the answer turned out to be a hell of a lot!

A rundown of some things you might not know – Drew Barrymore was originally set to play Sidney Prescott, but had a change of heart and suggested herself that her stardom could be used to throw the audience in the beginning of the film. Scream also has a haunting resemblance of a real-life killing spree which is touched upon in this documentary. Also mentioned in far deeper depth than in the past is Kevin Williamson’s inspiration for writing Scream, Wes Craven’s need for a come-back hit and the casting of Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and others. The problems with the town and Scream’s crew are really expanded upon. The battle with the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) over rating also is discussed. Pieces of murders are cut to get the desired R rating instead of NC-17. What’s ironic is this is shown on a network uncensored whereas minor cussing is bleeped. The irony of censorship never ceases to astound me. Also the discovery of the Ghostface mask in the house flesh out the character and give him a look that was unknown going into the film, much like the film that Scream pays homage to….John Carpenter’s Halloween.

While it is well-known that the story was originally titled Scary Movie (which of course became the title of the spoof of Scream, which is part spoof itself) was changed to Scream, it is not as well known that Michael Jackson’s song Scream helped decide the name-change. Not only was he the King of Pop but he helped define one of the most successful horror series ever in film. Of course the documentary sets up the upcoming Scre4m coming to theaters near you on April 15th, 2011

My Interview With Highlander: The Series Actor Adrian Paul

Click pic to view full interview with Adrian Paul @!JH – You’ve been on cult TV shows like Highlander: The Series and the fifth film
in the movie series Highlander: The Source and Dark Shadows during the 90’s as well as films like Last Rites and Love Potion No. 9, do you have any special stories to share from your career with your die-hard fans?

AP – There are many stories that I don’t have time to tell. But on The Source we spent many days trying to shoot the absurd amount of action in the non-existent time we had to do it. Dark Shadows gave me the opportunity to be visited by a real ghost or presence that I felt during filming at Greystone mansion. Last Rites, I ate cockroaches in the salad that was prepared in our honor at a buffet, and Love Potion Number 9 Sandra Bullock still owes me a necklace after she jumped on my back accidently pushing me into a wall, cracking the one I was wearing. LOL

JH – Little known fact that you were a dancer and choreographer. Who did you work with and what music videos did you appear in?

AP – My dancing days were when I was doing travelling shows for sportswear companies like Adidas, Colmar, Head and a bunch of others. It was a great time to be young and single. The music videos I did were with Sheena Easton and Duran Duran.
Click pic 2 read full Adrian Paul Interview @!JH – Who are the major influences on your career, which actors inspire you and your work and who would you love to work with?

AP – Too many to answer really. Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins, Angelina Jolie, Christopher Plummer, Jonathan Reese Myers, Helen Mirren, Rosario Dawson, plus many others

JH – Are there any special parts you wish you could have done, turned down, or would love to do in the future?

AP – Well there are a couple. Bond would have been fun but now that is gone. I like playing roles that excite me and the script has a lot to do with that. So I will wait for the script that makes me say, “yes this is really a role I want to do”.

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Happy Birthday – Alyssa Milano!

Hi everyone. Here to wish the beautiful actress Alyssa Milano a very Happy 38th Birthday! You might be a year older, but lucky you age very well (unlike some of us). To celebrate Alyssa’s birthday I want you to check out her charity she is passionate about and if you can spare some change donate for clean water. – You can click the picture  below to go to Happy Birthday again! P.S. – If you don’t know who Alyssa Milano is I give you permission to smack yourself….hard. 🙂

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Alyssa Milano.

New Michael Jackson CD “Michael” Review

I normally don’t review CD‘s, but this is Michael Jackson my favorite singer/entertainer of all-time. If I can’t make an exception for MJ then I can’t for anyone. I might delve into music reviews from time to time depending on how much I love a given CD.

Here’s the skinny….I mean MJ CD 🙂

MJJ Music-Epic-Sony Music Entertainment

Michael CD –

#1 – Hold My Hand (Duet with Akon) – By now most of you have heard this song. Akon has said that he originally was going to do the song for himself but when he worked with MJ for the Thriller 25th Anniversary he decided the song better suited MJ and he’s right. Too bad MJ didn’t get enough of the spotlight with this song. It’s enjoyable as a sing-along or just listen and groove to it.

#2 – Hollywood Tonight – Probably the most fun MJ track since the Thriller days. It’s just that damn fun. You can dance to it, sing it or just sit back and enjoy it. Ellen recently spotlighted the song on her show dancing to it. I can see this getting lots of play by most people. My personal favorite track of the CD though a few others come close like Behind The Mask, Hold My Hand and Monster as well as the Bee Gees influenced The Best Of Joy.

#3 – Keep Your Head Up – Sounds familiar but I can’t really place where from. More positivity. A nice groove. Michael sings smooth and clear (as he does throughout much of the album). Sounds like MJ circa around the Bad or Dangerous albums (the whoooo sounds he did around that time in his songs especially in concert).

#4 – (I Like) The Way You Love Me – Another familiar track. Nice but probably will be skipped by some who prefer the more upbeat songs. It has a 70’s feel and sound modernized though his singing sounds like it is an outtake from the Invincible album.

#5 – Monster (Featuring 50 Cent) – Another in the Thriller style like Invincible’s Threatened or Blood On The Dance Floor‘s “Is This Scary” and “Ghosts”. Fun and upbeat.  Probably the 2nd best dance track on the album. Fits in well with his scary songs like Jackson’s “This Place Hotel” 50 Cent fits in perfectly with this song like previous rap guest stars like Heavy D on “Jam” or Notorious BIG on “This Time Around”.  A bit too repetitive in the title track repeating a bit too much, otherwise this is a pretty fun track.

#6 – Best Of Joy – This sounds like a throwback in singing style to the Bee Gees who Michael had professed to love in a video interview with director Brett Ratner. It’s got a nice smooth sound that recalls the good days of Michael Jackson and the Bee Gees. Sounds like it could come from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack and that isn’t so bad since it is one of the biggest soundtracks ever. Would have loved to have heard MJ work with the Bee Gees on some songs. P.S. – Shame on you if you diss SNF you know you jammed to it as a kid. Hypocrite!

#7 – Breaking News – MJ  doing his Justin Timberlake impression? Was it MJ at all? Controversy ensues. I’ve wondered but the more I listen to it the more I hear MJ’s voice. Instead of getting closer to the speaker to differentiate, I notice MJ’s sound the further I am away from the speakers as his voice comes across different from most of his songs, but unlike the version released online causing the controversy, the CD version sounds much more like MJ. The song comes across much better. A welcome relief from the lesser tabloid songs he did like “Tabloid Junkie” from HIStory. Not great but a nice jam that will remind you of JT and MJ blended together. Not on the level of  Bad’s “Leave Me Alone” which is probably his best song on tabloid fodder.

#8 – (I Can’t Make It) Another Day (Featuring Lenny Kravitz) – MJ’s best rock song in quite awhile. Even though it wasn’t a hit Dangerous’s “Give In To Me” was the last MJ rock song that really hit me like this. I’m not surprised this is good though being an MJ and Lenny Kravitz fan. Their style blends together nicely and I hope there is more material (I think Kravitz said there was other songs) for future release. Not exactly a head banger but this song rocks. Too bad MJ didn’t get to perform it in concert. Not as rocking as Thriller’s “Beat It” or Dangerous’s “Black Or White” or “Give In To Me” or HIStory’s “Come Together” (originally recorded during the Bad era for the Moonwalker movie. Above the level of HIStory’s D.S. & Blood On The Dance Floor’s Morphine (though the latter grew on me over time as a jam with nice beats and guitar work). Probably MJ’s hardest to understand song on the album but he’s rocking it.

#9 – Behind The Mask – You can tell this was done back during his Thriller days by his voice alone. He had the best voice at that time and easily identifiable. A great song that challenges the previously mentioned Hollywood Tonight for most fun and a cool song you can dance to or just sit back and enjoy. The style is so cool in an early 80’s MJ style. This could have easily have been on Thriller as his voice has that cool style he had around that time of smoothness and youth as well as determination. He really had an eye for dance music around this time and it sounds more like a song for break-dancing than any of his other solo work with the robotic synthesized sound at times. The saxophone is a nice throwback to the Quincy Jones sound that helped skyrocket their success together.

#10 – Much Too Soon – Probably the worst track on the album. A downer which feels a bit out of place. Sounds kind of like something he might have put on a Jackson’s album. Not a bad song by any means as I am a huge Jackson’s fan. Also another familiar song like it was sung in the style of another song. Probably will be skipped by a lot of people who buy the album.

Overall, Michael is more uplifting than most of his work post-Thriller. Not his best work but there are songs to enjoy here. I can’t help but think if MJ were alive there would be a few social-aware songs in the vein of We Are The World, Man In The Mirror, Earth Song, Heal The World etc. Also he had been going top heavy with averaging more than 10 songs an album since his Thriller days (when he only had 9 s0ngs on the album). I think Hold My Hand fits as a social anthem for positivity, but not in the light of those songs I mentioned above.

Final Thoughts – I can’t say this is the best album since Thriller. That would be disrespecting this album and albums like Bad, Dangerous and the vastly underrated, hardly-promoted Invincible album. I’d say it’s among those albums in quality. Despite all the critics bashing the album I feel it’s as true to MJ as could be expected being that he isn’t around to finalize the work himself. I don’t believe any songs are anyone other than him and background singers strengthening the vocals. I already have a preferred playlist which is pretty much every song but Much Too Soon. I can see I will eventually tire of some songs. Ironically this album does seem like the next step from Invincible whereas This Is It seemed a little off-track. The booklet has the song lyrics which I always prefer and also has little writings by MJ about success and how he formulates the music from his head to recording it vocally including the instrument sounds he could imitate with his voice. Nice insight into the mind of a musical genius.

To buy or not? – Buy! You might want to try listening to it online but there are some nice jams here and keepers you should like if you are an MJ fan.

Michael Lang Named Miramax CEO

Cover of "Kill Bill - Volume Two"

Cover of Kill Bill - Volume Two


SANTA MONICA, CA – December 9, 2010 –

Miramax today announced that Michael Lang has been appointed chief executive officer, effective immediately. Lang will be based at the new Miramax headquarters in Santa Monica and will oversee the renowned Miramax film library, which was acquired by Filmyard Holdings on December 3, 2010.

“I have known and worked closely with Mike for almost 20 years and have always respected his talents,” said Richard Nanula, chairman of Miramax and a principal at Colony Capital.  “We are confident that he is the right person to lead Miramax in its next phase of growth.”

“I have always admired the Miramax library, which includes many respected titles and award-winning films,” said Lang.  “Based on the quality of these assets, I believe bringing new life to this library — by working with traditional and new partners – will be an exciting and unprecedented story of growth and innovation.  I am honored by this opportunity, and I look forward to working with my partners as we build a new kind of media company.”

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My Interview With Sexy Actress/Singer America Olivo!

JH – Circle is like an Independent version of a film like Seven, did you get that feel or was it just me?

AO – Is it because I remind you of Gwyneth Paltrow? Awe… Shucks 😉 Actually, I do get what you mean. Not in the film’s specifics, nor plot, but in that it investigates the mind of a thrilling serial killer. Most people are fascinated by the minds and motivations behind the people who commit such horrid acts. Diving into the guts of these types is what makes these two films both equally thrilling and horrific.

JH – What are some of your favorite films?

AO – Excluding any films me my husband and I have been in… I can’t name them all, there are many, but here are some off the top of my head : Empire of the Sun, The Royal Tannenbaums, Little Miss Sunshine, Food Inc, Avatar, South Park, Ghostbusters, Sense and Sensibility, A Clockwork Orange, The Shawshank Redemption, Big, The Green Mile

JH – Your film credits show some very recognizable films like the remake of Friday the 13th, Iron Man, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen along with films like Bitch Slap, Neighbor and Circle. What are some of your favorite roles to date?

AO – Well, I love them all for different reasons. I loved working with Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow in Iron Man. I loved becoming a part of the Friday the 13th family. I loved getting to play a Kubrick style killer in Neighbor. It was great fun to be in a tiny part of a summer blockbuster like Transformers 2 and getting to be on set to watch how such amazing effects are developed in a film so grand. In circle, I loved being a bit of the comic relief in a thriller/horror. I think my role in Bitch Slap was my favorite for the reason that I got to do things with that character that are only usually reserved for men in films. I love being over the top, and there was no ceiling on what happens in Bitch Slap land!

JH – Bitch Slap looks like an amazingly fun Grindhouse-style film, was it as fun to shoot as it looks?

AO – Bitch Slap is fun now, but was such hard work, we didn’t have much time for fun while filming. Most of the fun we had was enjoying promoting the film and hearing the reaction from Bitch Slapping fans 😉

JH – What’s your favorite scary movie? (Sorry can’t help it. I’m a big Scream fan!)

AO – Audrey Rose.

JH – Speaking of Scream – Neve Campbell, what’s she like and how are you sisters-in-law getting along?

AO – She’s amazing! She’s one of the most beautiful, generous, open hearted, and talented people I know.

JH – Do you know if she was happy doing Scream 4 and if she had any interesting stories?

AO – Ha ha! I haven’t heard any anecdotes from her yet as she’s busy and traveling. All I know is that my husband went out to Michigan and spent time with the cast at some point and couldn’t have had a nicer time and said nicer things about everyone he met there. Sounds like a great group of people. I’m looking forward to seeing it!

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Celebrity Health News!

Actor Michael Douglas has a tumor in his throat and Zsa Zsa Gabor is in serious-critical condition after the removal of two blood clots left her bleeding internally. Also Gabor wanted to spend her final days at home, refusing a liver operation that would have given her a 50-50 chance of survival.

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War Machine Fights For The Environment!

Don Cheadle As James

Actor Don Cheadle has been named as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations. He was appointed Saturday in Rwanda’s captiol (Kigali) as a U.N. Evironment Program Goodwill Ambassador and vowed to fight for environment change and promote environment conservation.U.N. Executive Director Achim Steiner announced the appointment, saying that Cheadle would help raise green awareness among millions of people around the globe.

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