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Avatar Blu-ray Review

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The year is 2154 and humans are mining for a material called unobtanium on the planet Pandora. The mining and planned expansion threatens the existence of the local people, Na’vi, human-like beings are gigantic and blue, but very human in thoughts, feelings and actions. The film title refers to genetically created beings that are part human part Na’vi and they are used/controlled by a team of researchers to interact with the natives of Pandora. Jake Sully (Terminator Salvation) operates an Avatar in place of his brother and soon becomes close with the Na’vi people, his mission is to make peace with them, little did Jack realize that his feelings and compassion would extend further than he could possibly imagine. Little did he realize he would become one with his…Avatar.

Well there is this little film you may have heard about, by a little move studio you may have heard (20th Century Fox) about by a small-time movie Director (James Cameron) who could use some promotion so I was right there and willing to help with my review! In actuality, Avatar is humungous as you well know, and with very good reason. I’m writing this review for people like me who aren’t so into fantasy and was hesitant to see Avatar myself even though I usually love James Cameron films. From Titanic to True Lies, the Terminator films, Aliens and Abyss I’ve always loved his films.

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Currently I just finished and posted my latest review (Avatar DVD & Blu-ray) over at Next up is the Steven Seagal classically comical Marked For Death Blu-ray, Elisabeth Shue & Thomas Hayden Church in Don McKay Blu-ray, Run, Bitch Run! An awesome Grindhouse flick (DVD), Someone’s Knocking At The Door Blu-ray, Eyeborgs Blu-ray, Showgirls 15th Anniversary Sinsational Edition DVD & Blu-ray, Mel Gibson’s latest – Edge Of Darknesss (DVD)

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Here’s my batch of movies (all Blu-ray unless otherwise noted) I will be working on for the foreseeable future. Batman Begins (currently viewing/reviewing), Don McKay (Thomas Hayden Church & Elisabeth Shue), From Paris With Love (John Travolta), Someone’s Knocking At The Door, Run Bitch Run! (DVD), Avatar, The Edge (Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin). Marked For Death (Steven Seagal), Robin Hood : Men In Tights (Cary Elwes, Richard Lewis). I figure on knocking out a movie a day so stick with me and tell your friends! It should be a wild ride.