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Showgirls Blu-ray Review

Showgirls is a movie that is liked/loved by two main groups. Group A is those who go for nude flicks. And this movie has a lot of naked women to appeal to a male audience. Group B is those who like bad movies. Certainly Showgirls is a film that can easily be seen as being so bad that it’s good. I laughed at the film plenty of times in my viewings to write up my review. Whether it is intended that way or not, who knows? The director has said it was his intention all along and having made films like Basic Instinct, Hollow Man and others he could very well be right. He’s done his share of clunkers too. Elizabeth Berkley’s “acting” is so far over-the-top that it’s either a case of intention or bad acting or a combination of both. Gina Gershon is nice here in what little screen-time she gets. Showgirls is a good film for laughs if you can go for a good BAD movie. Young males will be happy with all the naked females. This movie really didn’t do anything for me but I did laugh plenty of times.

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I just finished writing my review for the Showgirls 15th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray/DVD and will be posting that review soon on Past movies I still have to review are The Eclipse Blu-ray, Someone’s Knocking At The Door Blu-ray, The Warlords Blu-ray, The Man With No Name Trilogy (Clint Eastwood Westerns) Blu-ray.

Just recieved the following batch of movies to review – Hot Tub Time Machine (John Cusack) Blu-ray, Caught In The Crossfire Blu-ray, Ladybugs (Rodney Dangerfield) Blu-ray, Lock Up (Stallone) Blu-ray, Acceptance (Joan Cusack) DVD, Rambo The Complete Collector’s Set Blu-ray (First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II, Rambo III, Rambo).

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Currently I just finished and posted my latest review (Avatar DVD & Blu-ray) over at Next up is the Steven Seagal classically comical Marked For Death Blu-ray, Elisabeth Shue & Thomas Hayden Church in Don McKay Blu-ray, Run, Bitch Run! An awesome Grindhouse flick (DVD), Someone’s Knocking At The Door Blu-ray, Eyeborgs Blu-ray, Showgirls 15th Anniversary Sinsational Edition DVD & Blu-ray, Mel Gibson’s latest – Edge Of Darknesss (DVD)