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Here is part 2!

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Thought I’d post this being as it is funny and has to do with’s site owner Tyler Cruz and his game, that is in development, RobotWarz. These videos are pretty funny. Not meant to represent the actual game itself, it’s just some free promotion.

$5 A Day Blu-ray Review

$5 A Day is a fascinating movie about a father (Christopher Walken) who constantly lies and boasts that he can live off of $5 a day. He tells his disbelieving son that he is dying of cancer and needs to go to Mexico to get special treatment there, but he needs a driver to take him there. $5 A Day is a rare movie about father-son bonding with some comedy and drama thrown in for good measure. This would make a nice rental or a cheap buy. One of Christopher Walken’s best performances in a while.

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Bull Durham Blu-ray/DVD Review

Bull Durham is a movie about a minor-league team with Catch “Crash” (Kevin Costner) teaching “Nuke” (Tim Robbins) how to become a professional, major-league-worthy baseball player. Along the way both players desire loose-woman Annie (Susan Sarandon) who takes it upon herself to sleep-with and teach one player every season about the game of baseball, and life in general. Bull Durham is a comedy-drama-romance. More for the baseball movie audience and fans of these stars early performances.

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Hot Tub Time Machine Blu-ray Review

Hot Tub Time Machine is a fascinating movie. One I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to like. Despite the lame name and the even lamer cover, this movie has both outrageous humor and a touching core headlined by John Cusack, who’s acting career is popular for reaching the soft part of your heart. I was won over by this movie which also had a much more complete story than I thought it would going in. Definately worth a rental, try before you buy!

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