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The Legend Of Bruce Lee DVD Review

The Legend Of Bruce Lee is a movie made up of parts of a 50-part TV series based on the life of the legendary martial-artist, movie actor and pioneer in fighting that led to the eventual popularity of mixed-martial-arts used most notably by UFC. It’s been more years that Bruce Lee has been gone , 37 in all(1973) than he had been alive which was a meager 32. The man is still as relevant today as he was back in the early 70’s. This film produced by his daughter Shannon Lee and endorsed by the Lee family is uneven in its acting, but main star Danny Chan shines like nobody else who played Lee in many movies about his life or rip-off movies trying, but failing miserably, to be another new Bruce Lee film. Chan does a good job of playing Lee, but at times he makes you forget he is NOT Bruce Lee.

The acting is the weak part here and the cohesion of the storyline seems a bit jumbled and misplaced most likely due to some shoddy editing. Still, aside from Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, this is the closest anybody has come to a true biography of Bruce Lee on film. The movie might try to turn a blind eye to some of Lee’s real-life failings such as rumored affairs and drug usage that even Dragon touched upon and this film fails as far as Linda Lee‘s character is portrayed as a subservient American wife to her “masterful” Chinese man. I get that the film is trying to empower the Chinese and I fully support that, except that here it comes off as goofy and offensive to American women.

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Run! Bitch Run! Review

Click here to read my full review @ Movie-Vault.comWarning – This film is not for kids, those who can’t enjoy a Grindhouse type film or those who can’t stomach violent-rape exploitation films. This is basically a current take on a 70’s heavily-nude exploitation flick. Also has necrophilia in one scene.

In the tradition of films such as : I Spit on Your Grave and Ms.45 as well as the films from Grindhouse (Death Proof & Planet Terror) comes: Run!, Bitch Run! This is action-packed and thrills at times, putting a beautiful innocent young woman against a violent group of sex-depraved degenerates. Catherine (newcomer Cheryl Lyone) and Rebecca (Playboy’s Christina DeRosa) are typical Catholic school girls selling Bibles door-to-door when they pick the wrong address. Catherine eventually escapes and, dressed as a nurse, returns to seek vengeance on those that did her and her friend harm.

This is a fun film as a throwback “bad film” or Grindhouse film. This is the type of movie that used to get big play in Drive-Inn theaters. Ultimately this is a revenge movie which is where it drew me in. Excessive drugs, violence and nudity are hard to get by most likely for a large audience, but this should appeal to males 18-35. Women might like the 3rd act where the woman sets out for revenge, but I can’t see women liking this film much. I’d recommend a rental and buying this only for hardcore Grindhouse films. If you liked Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse you might like this. This film doesn’t hold back like those did.

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Tenderness (DVD)

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Russell Crowe continues to amaze with his performance as an obsessed retired cop who has nothing better to do than follow 18-year-old released murderer Eric Poole (Jon Foster). Eric unknowingly has a troubled teen (Sophie Traub) as a traveling companion, but the young girl seems to know him from somewhere. The mystery deepens, as Detective Cristofuoro (Crowe) is constantly one-step behind the pair on this road trip, fearful that the young psychopath will kill again.

Buy Tenderness DVD @!
Buy Tenderness DVD @!

Crowe manages to stay in the background through much of the film, being subtle as much as possible, letting the audience and characters believe he is a pushover. This is a perfect example of Crowe showing strength in character without being over-the-top. It works well for him here to be subtle just like pacing yourself in a long distance race is better than going all-out the whole race. There is a certain kinship between his character and the movie-going audience. You want to see him succeed in preventing Eric Poole from killing Lori but you just don’t know if he can get there in time, or if he is even capable of preventing the tragedy he fears will come true. It only took Crowe nine days to film his scenes, but he made the best of them.

The film lives on it’s ability to contrast normal life with the suspense from the past and the possibilities of bad things happening in the present. A perfect example is a rest-stop scene that heightens the suspense to a heart-stopping degree. If you care for the characters, which you should if you like this kind of movie, you fear what could happen in this scene, but you can’t help but watch.

Buy Tenderness DVD @!
Buy Tenderness DVD @!

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