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My Interview with American Pie star Thomas Ian Nicholas about Delivering the Goods!

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I saw American Reunion a few months ago and felt compelled to buy it I just loved it that much I had to add it to my Blu-ray collection. That and American Wedding were my two favorite sequels outside of the original no knock on American Pie 2 I just felt the latter two movies had stand-out stories. How was it having the entire gang from the original film back in American Reunion? I happen to love the film but it felt like the perfect wrap-up to the series tying up all loose ends it seems. Is the series done or is it possible for more American Pie sequels in the future?

Getting back together with the whole cast was like a reunion in real life. I wasn’t sure what it would be like because I felt so much older and mature. I was married with a kid on the way but as soon we were all in the same room it was like being in high school all over again. in fact it was more like junior high cause all us dudes were joking around, hitting each other in the nuts and laughing our asses off. I don’t know if there’ll be another one but hey, I never thought we’d do Reunion… so anything is possible.
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Click the pic to read the full interview @


I wanted to ask for a moment what led to your role in Halloween Resurrection? What was it like being in a Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween film? Most of your movies are comedies and feel-good roles. As a huge Halloween fan I just had to ask what led Thomas Ian Nicholas to be in a Halloween film and do the Halloween fans approach you about it as we Halloween fans tend to be crazy about actors in the series. Are you a fan of the series and did you like being in a Halloween film?


Around the time of making American Pie 2 was a busy time for me. I remember filming Stealing Sinatra, Halloween Resurrection and Rules of Attraction all in the same year. I thought that it would be cool that my first horror movie was part of the Halloween legacy. I also got the chance to choose between a couple of characters. I could either die 3rd in the film or 3rd to last. I’ve seen so many horror movies and knowing all the pitfalls I thought it would be so cool to be a semi-recognizable face but die much earlier than the audience expected. My own little inside joke.

#28 – The Strangers

Reason Why – The Strangers is an eerie movie that can even spook a hard-core horror fan (like me). When a married couple is on the ropes during a long trip they pull over to a motel to try and get some much-needed rest. Not long after things start to get scary when someone knocks on the door late at night, then bangs. The Strangers takes elements from some of the best horror movies and mashes it all together with a cohesive story that is pretty much its own movie. Liv Tyler is at her best here as lovable yet whiny wife. Ironically the couple becomes closer during their time of torment. This is not a horror movie you want to watch alone late at night. It will scare you!

Does it hold up? – A resounding yes!

Stars – Liv Tyler, Scott Speedman, Gemma Ward, Laura Margolis

Director – Bryan Bertino

Studio – Rogue Pictures

Similar Films – Identity, Psycho, Wrong Turn

Followed By – Sequel in the works slated for 2011 The Strangers II

#31 – The Ring

Reasons why – The Ring is creepy in it’s atmosphere reminiscent of earlier horror films like John Carpenter’s Halloween. It delivers jump-scares even when I know what is going to happen, this film makes my skin crawl. Naomi Watts is really good in this type of horror film. She can’t be blamed for the bad script and special effects of the sub-par sequel.

Does it hold up? – Yes. Still as creepy as it was back in 2002.

Stars – Naomi Watts, Brian Cox, Jane Alexander, Amber Tamblyn

Director – Gore Verbinski

Studio – DreamWorks Pictures

Similar films – Ring (Japan), The Grudge

Followed By – Rings, The Ring Two

Runner Up – Wolf Creek