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Ultimate Spider-Man # 3 Review

Ultimate Spider-Man # 3 Review –

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis

Artist – Sara Pichelli

Spider-Man has always been present in my life like most men my age. From kids who wore Spidey jammies ala “Master Bates” from the movie The Toy to today’s children who gets their Spider-Man from movies, games, cartoons, toys, other merchandise and finally comics. My Spider-Man was always Peter Parker whether it was through his cool phase of  college dating women like Black Cat and later his future wife Mary Jane Watson Parker.  This new Spider-Man is costume-less as of issue 3. As a child I would probably have been annoyed by this fact but as a 36-year-old adult I find this really refreshing.

Miles Morales is an interesting take on this been-there-done-that (including clones, extra arms and an undone marriage thanks to Joe Quesada) tale of Spider-Man. He has both his parents, alive and well to guide him through life unlike the tragic tale of one Peter Parker. He is a highly reluctant hero in making. He doesn’t want these powers. He wants the uncomplicated life he led before being bitten by a stolen-genetically altered spider. All this along with his different race which you can easily forget about as the story draws you in and makes you forget the world around you.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spider-Man, New Avengers) who created the original series along with this current one as well as putting Avengers on the map has crafted a tale that is entirely enveloping. It is easy to relate to and root for the character of Miles Morales. You root for him as the ultimate under-dog this side of Peter Parker (who plays an off-scene role in this issue). Action is sparse and children as well as some adults might be impatient for Miles to costume up and swing some webs (which he used done yet whether organic or home-made webbing further keeping that mystery going for the moment). Brian tells an interesting story that both satisfies (again if you’re not crawling the walls impatiently waiting for action or further development towards Spider-Man activity) and keeps you wanting more dying for the next issue as soon as this one is done. The friendship with Miles’s lego-loving friend is also a swerve from the world of Peter (friendless) Parker. He is not going through these changes alone and this brings along all kinds of twists and turns along the way. Imagine getting these powers and having a friend to help guide you along the way.

Artist Sara Pichelli brings a refreshing style eerily similiar to Pat Lee‘s work in the early IDW issues of Transformers.  Nothing seems crowded feeling like there is room to breathe and enjoy the scenery and pay attention to every little detail. We finally are given a glimpse of more action than the first two issues combined and Sara does well in showing what takes place without blurring, speed-lines and multiple-Miles to show his movement in his heroic scene at a burning building.

Colors by Justin Ponsor is a combination of vibrancy and life that comes along with youth like a character Miles’s age  and a realistic level to not be too far out there. I’ve dabbled in coloring myself and I just love the colors that pop off the page yet keeps us grounded as well in realism.

To sum it up Ultimate Spider-Man issue 3 is like a nice slow dance with the (man or woman) person you’re highly infatuated with leaving you wondering where your relationship is going but enjoying each moment for what it is and what is yet to come. Obviously you can tell I absolutely love this series!

Joe’s Verdict – Must-buy for everyone not inpatient!