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Red Riding Trilogy DVD Review

Red Riding Trilogy is a unique 3-Disc DVD set based (somewhat loosely) on true crimes. Each movie is titled after a year and time-period in which the certain crimes took place and also filmed vastly different from one another using the filming technique made popular of the time period. Starting off with 1974 there is a young investigative reporter out to prove himself until he sees that there is a series of child murders that nobody seems to care about from the cops to his superiors, he is determined to solve the murders and see that the culprit is brought to justice. 1974 is filmed in 16 mm and directed by Julian Jarrold. 1980 directed by James Marsh and filmed in 35 mm is about a highly respected Police Investigator brought in to try and solve the murders that the local authorities have been unable to solve on their own involving the Yorkshire Ripper. A past love affair threatens to derail his case and dangers within law enforcement threaten his life. In 1983 director Anand Tucker filming in digital video wraps up the trilogy as the disappearance of a little girl brings back the 1974 cases. A small-time lawyer takes on the case to try to uncover the truth and discovers shocking secrets that unites all three series of crimes. A very satisfying trilogy filmed for British TV, The Red Riding Trilogy will spook, mystify, and astound you. Very well done and surprisingly entertaining this is a set that you should at least rent if not buy!