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My Interview With Facebook Fairytales Author Emily Liebert!


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JH = Joseph Huber

EL = Emily Liebert

Here is a sampling of the interview –

JH – I know this is one of those standard questions but I have to ask, what inspired you to write a book about Facebook? For those who haven’t read Facebook Fairytales, can you tell the fans how you went about gathering some of the 25 different real-life tales of people and how Facebook changed their lives?

EL – I joined Facebook in the summer of 2008 because a friend of mine kept pestering me about it. Every time I asked for photos of her kids she told me if I wanted to see them, they were posted on Facebook. At first, my intentions were purely voyeuristic. I read other people’s posts but never updated my own status. Then, like everyone else, I got sucked in and really started thinking about the cultural impact of social networking. And, in doing so, it occurred to me that there had to be some amazing stories evolving from these hundreds of millions of connections. So, one night, I went on to see if there had been any books already written along these lines. I found books on Facebook etiquette, how to use the site, and the history of its incarnation, but there was nothing on the effect that Facebook was having on our society. As far as finding the stories, I started by posting a query to my Facebook wall saying that I was looking to write this book and asking my friends to repost the query to their walls. I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be fitting if I could find all the stories through my own web of Facebook connections?’ I did end up getting a few via this method, but not all of them. My next steps were to reach out to Facebook’s press department and to see if Facebook would be willing to support the book. As you can imagine, they get thousands of book proposals and, of all of these requests, they’d only ever supported two books. I submitted my proposal and, to my surprise, got a call a few weeks later giving me the green light! They said they would support the book by feeding me user stories and granting an interview with Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The other stories I found through my own online research. As a longtime journalist who’s had to track down many sources through the years, the beauty of this process was that all of these sources were on Facebook and were, therefore, relatively easy to find.

JH – The Social Network screenwriter reportedly said that he preferred not to be accurate “for accuracy’s sake” and that it is based on “storytelling” rather than the truth, according to Wikipedia. What is your take on writers being able to take real-life people and basically make them look bad, as the movie reportedly does to Mark Zuckerberg? As any writer, I believe in freedom of the press, but doesn’t it go too far when it attacks a person’s character?

EL – I believe in freedom of the press as well, but The Social Network is fiction. And many people don’t realize this. I think it’s wrong to make a movie that’s relatively inaccurate and let people think it’s true-to-life. I know the producers have offered disclaimers, but most ofthe world doesn’t pay attention to that. It’s unfortunate that in our society people build things up and then tear them down. It’s not something I’d involve myself in as a writer or producer, no matter the paycheck.

JH – Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Founder of Facebook, did the foreword for your book. What are your impressions of him and how did you go about getting him to do the foreword?

EL – My impression of Mark is that he’s a brilliant, articulate, hard-working young man who’s taking the world by storm and revolutionizing the way people communicate—both professionally and personally—around the world. He was absolutely gracious and forthcoming when I spoke with him. I got him to do the foreword by simply asking the folks at Facebook. Mark is press shy—it isn’t important to him to have his name and face splashed all over the media—but he loved the concept for Facebook Fairytales, so agreed to contribute.

JH – I’m not going to ask which story was the most inspirational for you since that’s too tough to choose, but which story made you emotional the most? I’d have to go with Heaven Sent. That story was like a bunch of Lifetime movies rolled into one. I really felt for that mother. Hard to believe but a story about losing a daughter was able to be inspirational, did that surprise you?

EL – “Heaven Sent” was definitely the most emotionally charged story for me. The Elkins family is amazing. I actually traveled to Athens, Alabama, where they live—after the book published—to attend the Jessica Elkins Memorial beauty pageant. They set up media appearances and book signings for me and were the most gracious hosts. The loss of their daughter was profound and they hold her in their hearts every minute of every day, as do I. It’s hard to believe that this story could inspire, but The Elkins Family made the most of a tragic situation by helping others.

JH – The love story in Summer Love did you think the couple would make it, given all the obstacles in their way?

EL – Well, I knew the ending before I even heard the story, so yes! And I guess they have “made it” because they’re getting married on Sunday!

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New Movies 2 Review! 9-28-2010

Hi everyone! Got a new batch of movies to review –

MPI Media –

Blu-ray –

The Killer Inside Me – Stars – Jessica Alba, Casey Affleck, Kate Hudson, Simon Baker and Bill Pullman – When Affleck’s sheriff is asked to railroad a talkative prostitute out of town before she makes trouble, he realizes it’s easier to just get rid of her for good. Unfortunately, covering up that murder means eliminating more and more people as his problems and complications spiral out of control. Even worse, he’s starting to enjoy committing the crimes a lot more than he ever enjoyed dishing out the punishment, Based on the pulp fiction classic by Jim Thompson (The Grifters), The Killer Inside Me is :an assured, stylish film” [Guardian UK] that reveals the danger when a lawman’s badge is hiding a cold, cold heart.

This movie looks to be very good! Great cast, scary-sounding movie also looks sexy. One of the films I look forward to seeing the most right now!


Mercy – Stars – Erika Christensen, James Caan, Scott Caan, Dylan McDermott, Wendy Glenn, Troy Garity – A best-selling novelist (Scott Caan of Ocean’s Eleven) one-night stands his way through LA until he finally meets his match with Mercy (beautiful newcomer Wendy Glenn), a book critic who calls his bluff in this powerful romance that Caan wrote, produced and stars in. Featuring Dylan McDermott (“The Practice”), Erika Christensen (Oscar-winning Traffic, TV’s Parenthood) and directed by photographer superstar Patrick Hoelck in his film debut, “Mercy is a riveting drama. It’s also a memorable moment of cinematic history when rising Hollywood star Scott Caan shares the screen with his legendary father James Caan (The Godfather). Their combustible scene together is the beating heart of this bittersweet look at lost love.

7 Days – How far would you go to get revenge on the man who raped and killed your little girl? In the tradition of the horror masterpiece The Last House On The Left, this Canadian nail-biter that premiered at Sundance shows a doctor (Claude Legault) kidnapping, tying up and then methodically extracting every drop of justice from the vile criminal he is convinced did that horrific deed. The hostage (a very creepy Martin Dubreil) begs and pleads and insistss he’s innocent…only to turn around and boast of his crimes, perhaps in the vain hope that the nightmare will end sooner. But the not-so-good doctor has told his wife and the police tand the world he will not relent – for seven days.

Under Still Waters – Stars – Lake Bell, Jason Clarke, Clifton Collins Jr. – A weekend at a country home is the perfect chance for a young married couple Andrew and Charlie to patch up their difference. But a near-collision with stranded motorcycle rider Jacob throws a curve into those plans. Three is not just a crowd. In the middle of nowhere, it’s dangerous, especially when Andrew can’t understand  why his wife seems so smitten with Jacob or why the stranger is carrying a gun. A friendly gesture leads to a tense showdown in writer-director Carolyn Miller’s thrill ride featuring fresh performances by rising stars Jason Clarke (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps), Clifton Collins Jr. (Star Trek) and the striking Lake Bell (It’s Complicated, Shrek Forever After).

Vivendi Entertainment –

DVDs –

Christmas In Canaan – Billy Ray Cyrus (TV’s “Hannah Montana”) stars in this touching story about the true meaning of the holiday season. When a pair of boys with nothing in common team up to help an injured dog, an unlikely friendship begins. As they grow into adults, their beliefs are tested by the rapidly changing world and they see that it will take strong faith and family spirit to keep them together. Based on the book co-written by Kenny Rogers and featuring an original song by Billy Ray Cyrus, Christmas In Canaan is a touching drama that shows that the most important gifts in life are the ones money can’t buy.

Holy Rollers – Stars – Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Bartha – Sam (Jesse Eisenberg) has always followed the strict rules set out by his tight-knit Hasidic community in New York. But when he’s recruited by an Israeli drug smuggler to transport “medicine”, he finds himself thrown into a totally foreign world of seductive women, exciting raves, and dangerous alliances. Caught between his life as a drug transporter and his previous path as a religious student, Sam is forced to make a fatal decision that could destroy everyone around him. Co-starring Justin Bartha, Danny A Abeckaser, and Q-Tip, it’s a fast-paced thriller where the least suspicious person always has the most to hide.