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#28 – The Strangers

Reason Why – The Strangers is an eerie movie that can even spook a hard-core horror fan (like me). When a married couple is on the ropes during a long trip they pull over to a motel to try and get some much-needed rest. Not long after things start to get scary when someone knocks on the door late at night, then bangs. The Strangers takes elements from some of the best horror movies and mashes it all together with a cohesive story that is pretty much its own movie. Liv Tyler is at her best here as lovable yet whiny wife. Ironically the couple becomes closer during their time of torment. This is not a horror movie you want to watch alone late at night. It will scare you!

Does it hold up? – A resounding yes!

Stars – Liv Tyler, Scott Speedman, Gemma Ward, Laura Margolis

Director – Bryan Bertino

Studio – Rogue Pictures

Similar Films – Identity, Psycho, Wrong Turn

Followed By – Sequel in the works slated for 2011 The Strangers II


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