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The Legend Of Bruce Lee DVD Review

The Legend Of Bruce Lee is a movie made up of parts of a 50-part TV series based on the life of the legendary martial-artist, movie actor and pioneer in fighting that led to the eventual popularity of mixed-martial-arts used most notably by UFC. It’s been more years that Bruce Lee has been gone , 37 in all(1973) than he had been alive which was a meager 32. The man is still as relevant today as he was back in the early 70’s. This film produced by his daughter Shannon Lee and endorsed by the Lee family is uneven in its acting, but main star Danny Chan shines like nobody else who played Lee in many movies about his life or rip-off movies trying, but failing miserably, to be another new Bruce Lee film. Chan does a good job of playing Lee, but at times he makes you forget he is NOT Bruce Lee.

The acting is the weak part here and the cohesion of the storyline seems a bit jumbled and misplaced most likely due to some shoddy editing. Still, aside from Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, this is the closest anybody has come to a true biography of Bruce Lee on film. The movie might try to turn a blind eye to some of Lee’s real-life failings such as rumored affairs and drug usage that even Dragon touched upon and this film fails as far as Linda Lee‘s character is portrayed as a subservient American wife to her “masterful” Chinese man. I get that the film is trying to empower the Chinese and I fully support that, except that here it comes off as goofy and offensive to American women.

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