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New Movies To Review! 9-14-2010

Hello. I recieved a huge batch of DVDs to review. No Blu-rays today but I expect to get more this week.

Anchor Bay –

Gangster’s Paradise: Jerusalem

E One Entertainment –


Indican Pictures –


Come Together

Dare Not Walk Alone

Dingle Barry


Lime Salted Love

Shrink Rap –

Solitude – Two girls on the road looking to get to Flaggstaff are derailed when their car breaks down and Hilary’s brother picks them up. Psychological games ensue behind closed doors in the suburban desery of Phoenix, Arizona. Starring – Patrick Belton, Mary Thornton, Ronne Orenna.

The Triumph Of Dingus Mcgraw: Village Idiot –

Undoing – Ex-gangster Sam (Sung Jang, The Fast & The Furious 3) returns to LA determined t0 make up for his past but he runs into old mentor Don (Tom Bower, Die Hard 2) a retired gangster and Vera (Kelly Hu, X-Men2 & Scorpion King) the lover he abandoned.

Valley Of The Heart’s Delight – Based on a true story. A kidnappi ng gone wrong leads to two men who are about to get lynched in 1933 San Jose California, but a reporter believes they are innocent and wants to convince those in power of their innocence. Starring – Bruce McGill, Gabriel Mann, Diana Scarwid

Warner Bros –

Scooby Doo Camp Scare Original Movie – Scooby, Shaggy, Wilma, Fred &  Daphne are looking for clues to solve the mysteries of the Woodsman, the Fisherman and the Banshee of Black Canyon.


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