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Triage Blu-ray Review

Triage is a thinking man’s war movie. Very much like the Tobey Maguire movie Brothers, this is a sad depiction of how lives are effected by war. Colin Farrell is at the top of his game here, playing a character so complex and deep. Dealing with PTSD after thinking he was OK, his internal damage to his psyche is much more intense than his healing physical damage. This is a movie that you might need to be patient with, but it pays off.  Check out Triage, it’s good for at least a rental!

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  3. Hey Joe,

    Just a quick note here. I just watched Triage (and will check out your full review over at MV) and while I agree for the most part, the film left me feeling disconnected and a bit put off by an otherwise decent performance by Colin Farrel. The way I described it to my wife was, the story was just too ordinary – as in the ordinary world was too common place – perhaps that is what the filmmakers were intending. It wasn’t that it was a bad film or particularly uninteresting, just felt a little slow moving and by the time I actually cared about the characters it was too late to be meaningfully moved.

    btw, I posted my first ‘news’ bit on MV. I took some pointers from you previous posts (thx). The news was regarding DeVito stepping in for Douglas at the Zurich film festival. I included a link back to your original post about Douglas’ health.


    August 21, 2010 at 3:17 pm

  4. Hi Rory, I can understand the feeling of disconnect with Triage, I felt much the same early on in the film. I do notice a trend with films like this, these days, that try for a level of realism that sometimes (ok quite often) takes away from the entertainment side of things. Farrell’s performance felt deep to me. Maybe I just like the actor and see things that aren’t there. It just seems like he plays the character straight ahead not hinting that there is a secret he has until his post traumatic stress disorder gets worse. I think what got me was the character SEEMED shallow, but ended up revealing deep feelings.

    I really liked your follow-up news post on as well about DeVito accepting the award for his pal Michael Douglas. It’s a reminder of how these celebrities we admire, criticize, or both are as human as we are. Yeah maybe they have a lot more money, but otherwise they have health problems, lose loved ones and eat, breathe and do pretty much what the rest of us do. Thanks for linking to my post as well. Really love your site. Looks great, professional looking. Actually I need to be taking pointers from you! lol

    August 21, 2010 at 7:35 pm

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