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Ladybugs Blu-ray Review

Ladybugs is a funny Rodney Dangerfield movie that doesn’t offer a lot, but can make you laugh (mostly in scenes starring the late comedian). The story is a bit bizarre, he wants to marry his girlfriend and is given the job of coaching a girls soccer team instead of a raise which would have helped him afford to marry his girlfriend. Unfortunately, for him, the girl’s team sucks. Solution : use his girlfriend’s son dressed in a wig to be the star of the girls team. This feels like a mid-80’s movie but it came out in 1992 when kids were growing past all the silliness of the 1980’s. Though Dangerfield still had the ability to make me laugh in viewing this film again. In fact his first major one-liner had me rolling in laughter when he is at a red light. It’s more of a family-type movie that is popular again these days. It’s funny and cute. It will also make you want to scream with it’s overall insanity! Good laughs, just not on the level of a Caddyshack or Back To School.

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