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First Blood Blu-ray Review

This is part of the Rambo Complete Collector’s Set released by Lionsgate on Blu-ray. First off, First Blood looks better than ever! I remember seeing this way back in it’s theatrical run and never did this movie look or sound so good. This is among Sylvester Stallone’s best movies from a story and overall movie this is one of those films of yesteryear that entertained like few others. Stallone’s acting in this is top-notch even going up against Brian Dennehy his acting shined brighter than ever at the time of this movie. It’s no coincidence that his superstardom shot into the stratosphere after this movie. A great film and a must-see for any true action fan. This movie has a depth very few action fans achieve, but that’s always been Stallone’s success – marrying fun action with a deeper emotional core and meaning. If you haven’t seen this film, what planet have you been living on? Must-buy!

As usual click the picture to read my full review of First Blood @!


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