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Showgirls Blu-ray Review

Showgirls is a movie that is liked/loved by two main groups. Group A is those who go for nude flicks. And this movie has a lot of naked women to appeal to a male audience. Group B is those who like bad movies. Certainly Showgirls is a film that can easily be seen as being so bad that it’s good. I laughed at the film plenty of times in my viewings to write up my review. Whether it is intended that way or not, who knows? The director has said it was his intention all along and having made films like Basic Instinct, Hollow Man and others he could very well be right. He’s done his share of clunkers too. Elizabeth Berkley’s “acting” is so far over-the-top that it’s either a case of intention or bad acting or a combination of both. Gina Gershon is nice here in what little screen-time she gets. Showgirls is a good film for laughs if you can go for a good BAD movie. Young males will be happy with all the naked females. This movie really didn’t do anything for me but I did laugh plenty of times.

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