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Predator Ultimate Hunter Edition Blu-ray Review

Read the rest of my Predator UHE Review @!Read the rest of my Predator Ultimate Hunter Edition Blu-ray Review @!

What a way to kick off reviewing movies for 20th Century Fox! This release has been ripped by geeks for being “too clean” or too good looking. Some of those same geeks also complain about Blu-ray PRICES GOING DOWN. No typos there, I understand some paid big prices when Blu-rays first came out, but nobody put a gun to their heads and said “Be the first to buy these at higher prices!” Back to this Predator release, some say the actors look a little waxy or whatever. Me? I think this release is a huge step up from the previous bare-bones release and the image is near-perfect. There is tons to love here. A great buy earning the Ultimate part of the title. Let me put it this way, if Fox hadn’t given me this to review I’d have still paid for it. It’s a keeper! Unless if you are a fanboy who wants to complain about everything (even things that are probably only in YOUR mind and nobody else’s) then you might not like it.  It’s even a huge step up from the previous Blu-ray release visually  (except that first one did have grain so it kept it’s “intended” look.) For a mainstream audience this is the best that I can imagine Predator ever getting, visuals and audio. The extras are just gravy lots of great-tasting icing on the cake.

This is a new start for my reviews. I will be writing short original “recaps” on this site, summing up my feelings on each release, whether to buy, rent, skip or run as fast as you can, from each movie. As usual my full reviews will be linked  to the pics for my full reviews at


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