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Marked For Death Blu-ray Review

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Steven Seagal (Above The Law) is John Hatcher an undercover enforcement agent who kills a hooker in the line of duty defending himself, but the guilt causes him to decide it’s time to retire. He confesses to a priest about sleeping with informants, taking drugs, making false evidence, whatever it took to catch the bad guy. He realizes he has become what he most despises, crooked. Hatcher returns to Chicago, his hometown only to discover a gang of Jamaicans selling crack to high school girls. He arrests one of the gang members after a barroom shoot-out only to have the gang retaliate when the gang-leader, Screw face (Basil Wallace) marks Hatcher & his family for death. His friend Max (Keith David) & informant Jimmy Fingers (Tony DiBenedetto, Analyze This) helps him hack his way through Screwface’s gang using whatever it takes to get the job done. Hatcher will do everything in his power….while being Marked For Death.


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