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Robin Hood: Men In Tights Blu-ray Review

My Robin Hood: Men In Tights Review @
Mel Brooks hit’s a bull’s-eye with his comical, yet sweet take on the classic character of Robin Hood. Carey Elwes (Saw series) stars as the hilarious Robin Hood who says “Unlike other Robin Hoods, I can speak with an English accent.” Roger Rees (Cheers) stars as Sheriff of Rottingham as well as Prince John (Richard Lewis) making the perfect spoils for Robin Hood as he tries to win the hand of beautiful fair Maiden Marian (Amy Yasbeck, Wings).
Mel Brooks (Spaceballs, Young Frankenstein) is at top form here in the funny, yet memorable film that makes you laugh while you root for the good guys to do something hilarious to the bad guys. Brooks is a masterful story-teller and is a co-writer here as well as having a cameo in the film as the hilarious Rabbi Tuckman. A scene of note is when Robin and his gang confront the Sheriff and Prince at the Prince’s castle, the characters are funny, yet the action is enjoyable making you look past all the unrealistic things going on. You can’t help but laugh and enjoy it as Brooks intended. A writer or director who can string you along and make you feel what they want you to feel is a master at his craft and Brooks is one of the few when it comes to comedy.
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