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Upcoming Reviews

I have the review for Iron Man 2-Disc Ultimate Edition written up and ready to post. Going to hold off until later in the day because I have to post it first edit it, put it up on and add in some cool looking pictures. I’ve had some reviews I wanted to post here that for some reason WordPress wouldn’t upload the picture, it lagged so long I felt I was back on AOL in the lat 90’s early 2000’s. I know one of them is the Ashton Kutcher movie Spread. The other is my Karate Kid review. Karate Kid II will be the next review after that, before moving on to Batman Begins & a movie called Don McKay, that a movie studio sent me to review, starring Elisabeth Shue & Thomas Hayden Church, it’s a weird movie but I will have to view these movies again to give a complete, hopfully entertaining review.


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